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The City of York Council has teamed up with Living Autism to deliver two Autism Champions courses to Tourist Venues and Transport Hubs in York.

This initiative is part of the York Autism Strategy to help York become an autism-inclusive city.

The course is an in-depth two-day course covering aspects of how autism can affect individuals across the spectrum and how venues might be able to become more easily accessible to autistic people.

Champions will be expected to cascade the information to their colleagues as appropriate for them. An electronic training pack will be provided once the course is completed.

This course if fully funded by City of York Council and is, therefore, free to attendees.


The aim of this course is to provide attendees with underpinning knowledge and understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorders/Conditions. It is intended to help attendees to be able to cascade the knowledge gained to their colleagues.

Day One of the course covers:

  • Characteristics of autism (the bulk of the session)
  • Behaviours and impact
  • What works
The day also touches upon:
  • Legislative requirements
  • Etymology and prevalence
  • Possible causes and diagnosis
  • History and co-morbidity

Day Two of the course provides attendees the opportunity to consider how to cascade the information and looks at:

  • Audience
  • Environment
  • Learning Styles
  • How to personalise the information through stories and exercises

Course facilitation

The course will be delivered in a combination of theory, as well as practical and interactive exercises.

Manar Matusiak

Manar MatusiakManar Matusiak is Managing Director of Living Autism. She has 20 years' experience at director level in the specialist care and education sector, in particular in the field of autism. She helped to set up and develop the first transitional residential service in the country for young adults with autism and complex needs. Her background is in teaching and management. During her career, she was Personal and Professional Development Director for one of the national specialist autism providers, overseeing the development (including delivering direct training) of over 1,000 staff, managers and directors in children’s and adult’s provisions. She continues to train families and professionals across the country.

Ronnie Pinder

Ronnie Pinder"I am married with five daughters and live and work in York. Like an increasing number of people, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in adulthood, after over forty years of struggling yet not realising that others didn't experience the world in the way that I do. Diagnosis changed my life and gave me the confidence to speak in public about my experiences of being autistic. Since diagnosis I have been giving talks and taking part in training and workshops with both doctors and other clinicians and also to the general public. I offer a unique perspective giving first hand experiences."

How to get to the conference

The Living Autism conference will be held at the The Priory Street Centre in York.

The Priory Street Centre is within easy walking distance from York railway and bus station. There is car parking at Nunnery Lane car park -YO23 1AA for £12 for the day for those who need parking facilities.


15 Priory Street

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